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We Offer a Range of Business Credit Solutions

RHK Credit Services provides a range of easy, fast, and affordable credit solutions for managing the processes associated with extending credit to your clients.

Credit Application Processing

Accurate, thorough and fast review of the credit worthiness of our client’s customers.


High Risk Account Monitoring

High Credit Risk Account Monitoring is a comprehensive financial management strategy designed to reduce risk and protect customer accounts from fraud and fraudulent activity.


Insolvency Support

We offer specialist insolvency support services to businesses to help them secure their future and address financial issues effectively.


Customized Services

We provide tailored services to meet each customer's unique financial needs, offering guidance and support throughout the process.


Online Access

Our online access allows clients to manage their accounts securely, quickly, and easily with automated and validated services, resulting in shorter transaction times and higher satisfaction levels.

More Complete Credit Application Servicing

RHK Recovery Services is proud to have formally added a credit application processing division to our list of business services offered by RHK Recovery Group. Offering comprehensive commercial debt collection and credit application processing services, provides our clients with added flexibility, support and servicing.

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